What We Believe

A quick look at our 4 core doctrines as an Assembly of God church. 




We believe that man was created good and upright by God, but through a choice of free will, he fell out of relationship with His creator. As a result of the fall, man became spiritually dead and in need of a Savior. Man’s only hope of salvation is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ on His cross. Salvation is received through repentance and accepting the free gift of God by faith and not by works. The Holy Spirit comes to live within us at the time of salvation and bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. The outward evidence of salvation is a life of righteousness and holiness.


Divine Healing

We believe that divine healing is still available today, and that deliverance from sickness is provided for in the accomplished work of Christ on the cross. We believe in the prayer of faith to receive all that Jesus has made available to us. We pray for the sick regularly in our services and share the testimonies of God’s faithful provision in supplying the answer to our prayers.


Baptism in the Holy Spirit

We believe that all believers are entitled to and should seek the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. We believe that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit is subsequent to salvation for the purpose of greater empowerment for life and service. We believe that with the Baptism in the Holy Spirit comes an overflowing of fullness, a deepened reverence for God, a greater dedication to His work, and a more active love for Jesus, the Word, and for the lost.


The Return of Christ

We believe that those who are watching and ready will go to join Jesus when He returns to take His Church out of this world. We believe that Jesus can return at any moment, and that we must live a holy life in full anticipation of His soon return. We believe that the Church will be raptured before the Great Tribulation to join Christ in heaven. With the soon return of Jesus, we believe we must actively pursue the lost in leading them to a relationship with Christ.