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We exist to equip the next generation of Christian leaders through experiential learning to love relentlessly and lead humbly in all aspects of life.

Bethlehem Chapel School of Ministry - Northwest University Partnership Program
Bethlehem Chapel is happy to partner with Northwest University to offer college courses with the highest level of academic accreditation as part of our School of Ministry internship program.

Spiritual Life School Curriculum

Daily Courses in the Bible and Ministry Training

Every student is a part of our missional focused certificate-level, unaccredited coursework. The topics rotate each term, but always focus missionally and can include: (1) student-led prayer and worship; (2) focused time in the Bible, contextualized to contemporary realities; (3) practical ministry skills taught by experienced missional practitioners. Listed below is a sample of coursework:

  • History of Missions
  • The Kingdom of God
  • Hermeneutics and Bible Study Methods
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Missional Church
  • Spiritual Disciplines
  • Biblical Theology

Bethlehem Chapel School of Ministry has some very unique and interesting features:


  • Internship Credit- Students earn 3 credits per semester for their internship work, for free!
  • Degrees offered by Northwest University: Associate in Arts, Associate & Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Organizational and Business Management, Organizational Leadership and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • All courses have the highest level of accreditation- same as all major universities
  • Potential internship areas of focus: 
    • Worship Ministry
    • Children and Youth Ministry
    • Pastoral Ministry
    • Global Missions
    • Missional Church
    • Church Planting 
    • Specialized Area
  • All tuition and the NPP Program Fee are eligible for federal financial aid (loans & grants)
  • Low cost- $316 per credit